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Sawtooth Peak Excavation in Ogden Utah

Because of our ability to adapt to rapidly changing technology and eliminate obsolescence from our products, we are able to sustain a competitive advantage. We also want to extend our equipment during peak season, create best practices for tracking equipment usage and location, manage risks in the era of technology, and constantly explore novel ways to recruit and retain qualified personnel while being profitable.

Not every location, however, is ready to be transformed into something remarkable. Before the actual construction or excavation of a facility can begin, additional work must be completed in specific locations. With our excavators’ demolition and land clearing services, we can turn an undeveloped site into a buildable construction site, whether it’s by removing vegetation or demolishing existing man-made structures. In order to perform all clearing activities safely and
successfully, excavators must also be capable of removing teardown debris from the site. All of these construction services help to establish a strong foundation for the project’s remaining construction activities. Because of the ground’s instability, any construction or road, no matter how carefully built or constructed, will eventually fail.

Excavators play an important role in the construction process, from project design to digging and transporting dirt to installing utilities and building roads and parking lots. In the demolition industry, excavators are also used. In modern construction, having precise and skilled diggers is vital for installing underground utilities, and Sawtooth Excavation’s diggers have both of these traits. Among other things, Horst’s team is in charge of water mains, forced water mains, water services, and above- and subsurface retention systems.

Our well-maintained excavators can help reduce disruptions and ensure that work is completed properly, saving time and money, by trenching, laying and connecting pipelines, and repairing broken or out-of-date systems. In addition, as with all other parts of excavation, our expert personnel take great care to avoid interfering with any existing utility lines in the area.

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